High Quality Best Price Quartz Fiber Yarn

Short Description:

  • Material:100% Polyester
  • Fiber Type:Filament
  • Style:Solid
  • Grade:Virgin
  • Feature:Acid, alkali and salt resistance
  • Fiber Length:Continuous Yarn
  • Fineness:13-195
  • Product Name:Quartz Fiber Yarn
  • Application:Wave permeable materials, Ablative material
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Product Application

Application scope of quartz fiber yarn:

1. Can be used as space shuttle radome, aircraft electromagnetic window, electronic countermeasures;

2. Dental stumps and false bone enhancement materials

3. TV sets, radios, computers, computers, mobile communication equipment

4. good resistance to high temperature, can resist the missile radome in high-speed flight and atmospheric friction generated by the strong thermal shock

5. aircraft engines, fuselage fire partition, semiconductor, optical fiber manufacturing

6. high-temperature catalyst carrier materials (automotive exhaust treatment, industrial air purifiers)

7. automotive glass tempering furnace roller bar of the roller sleeve

8. can be made into high temperature and hot acid gas and liquid filtration materials

. Insulation in the production of optical fibers .
. High frequency printed circuit boards (communication base stations, supercomputers)
. Thermal insulation materials for fiber optic production process; .

. Chip manufacturing diffusion furnace mouth sealing and thermal insulation materials; electric vehicle battery diaphragm materials .
. High-temperature cable cladding materials, wire core reinforcement materials .
. Ultra-high temperature fireproof fire suit insulation materials; .
. Melting mold precision casting to prevent product cracking during firing .
. Millimeter wave radar applications; .
. Fireproof curtains, insulation covers, thermal insulation covers, quartz fireproof wall coverings .
. Steel and iron strainer materials, thermocouple sleeves.

Specification and Physical Properties

Quartz fiber yarns are formed by twisting fiber filaments of the same diameter into a bundle. The yarn is then wound on a winding cylinder according to different twist directions and number of strands. Quartz fiber yarn has the properties of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good insulation. It can be used in a variety of textile processes and is widely used in fiber optic aerospace, semiconductor and other industrial applications.

Quartz fiber yarn is the current dielectric properties of special low, high temperature resistant flexible inorganic materials, can replace the alkali-free glass fiber, high silica oxygen, basalt fibers, etc., can partially replace the aramid, carbon fibers, etc., in the field of ultra-high temperatures and aerospace has a unique advantage; In addition, quartz fibers of the coefficient of linear expansion is small, and has a modulus of elasticity with the temperature increases and increases the rare characteristics.

Properties of quartz fiber yarn:

1. Acid resistance, good corrosion resistance. Stable chemical properties.

2. Low density, high tensile strength. No microcracks on the surface, tensile strength up to 6000Mpa.

3. Excellent dielectric properties: dielectric constant is only 3.74.

4. Resistance to ultra-high temperatures: God Jiu, for example, long-term use temperature 1050 ~ 1200 ℃, softening point temperature of 1700 ℃, thermal shock resistance, longer service life.

5. Insulation, low thermal conductivity, stable performance.

- Si02 content 99.95%
- Long-term use 1050℃, softening point 1700℃
- Low thermal conductivity, high strength, high modulus of elasticity
- Resistant to acid, alkali and salt
- Used in wave-transparent materials, ablation-resistant materials, structural materials, electrical materials, thermal insulation materials, insulating materials, etc.
- Part of the occasion to replace high silica oxygen glass fiber, alumina fiber, S glass fiber, E glass fiber, carbon fiber

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