Development History

Development History

Development History (1)

Since 2006, the company has successively invested in the construction of new material workshop 1 and new material workshop 2 by using the "EW300-136  fiberglass cloth production process technology" independently developed and owned intellectual property rights; In 2005, the company introduced a full set of international advanced technology and equipment to produce high-end products such as 2116 cloth and 7628 electronic cloth for multilayer electronic circuit boards. Taking advantage of the prime time of the electronic glass fiber cloth market, the production scale of Sichuan Kingoda has been expanding, which has not only accumulated a lot of funds for the later construction, but also accumulated a lot of experience in the application of  fiberglass yarn in warping, weaving and post-treatment processes, paving the way for the application of products after construction.

On May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The leading group of the company is fearless in the face of danger, makes scientific decisions and plans, and immediately carries out self-help in life and production. All jingeda people unite as one, work hand in hand, be strong and unyielding, rely on each other, strive to improve th emselves, go all out to restore life and production, and rebuild a beautiful new home of Sichuan fiber.

The disaster did not knock down Sichuan Kingoda, but made Sichuan fiberglass people stronger and more united. The leading group of the company made a decisive decision. In the process of post disaster reconstruction, it should not only restore the original production scale, but also take advantage of this opportunity to transform and upgrade, adjust the product structure, quickly improve the equipment and technical level of Sichuan jingeda, and shorten the gap with industry giants.

After four and a half years of construction, on June 19, 2013, the special fiberglass yarn production line (pond kiln) was completed and put into operation. The production line adopted the industry-leading pure oxygen combustion plus electric melting aid technology at that time, and the technical level reached the leading level in China. So far, the dream of Sichuan Kingoda people for decades has finally been realized. Since then, Sichuan Kingoda has entered the mileage of rapid development.

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