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3D Carbon Film, wrap vinyl film,
Carbon Look Adhesive Sticker
PVC Film: 170 Micron
Backing Paper: 120g

Our factory has been producing fiberglass since 1999.Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Trade,Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal

Our factory has been producing Fiberglass since 1999.We want to be your best choice and your absolutely reliable business partner.

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3D Carbon Fiber Film
Carbon Fiber Film

Product Application

High flexibility: High flexibility with the use of Heat gun makes it easier to be applied on the curving surface. The ultimate in flexibility and conformability to curved surfaces.
Application: Can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces of a car bonnet, spoiler, bumper, car roof, car mirror, interior decoration, even mobile phone and so on)
Easy apply and remove: We use Strong Quality Imported Self Adhesive Glue, so it is easy to apply it on the car and will stick to pretty much any surface, but also can be removed and re-applied numerous times without losing its adhesion. Easy Install will not fade, chip, crack or peel.
Water proof, UV and FR; Filter harmful light ray. Seamless for whole car wrapping.
Easy to clean with soap and water.
Without residual glue on the car after remove

Specification and Physical Properties

Carbon Fiber


PVC Film Thickness

Glue Thickness

Release paper


10S Carbon Fiber





12S Carbon Fiber





Carbon fibre film for cars features:
1, the price of the car shows: carbon fibre film is a relatively fresh colour film, with the advantages of light weight and high toughness; generally widely used in supercars;
2, isolate corrosion: carbon fibre rear film can resist most of the oil, grease, fuel, fat solvents, weak acid, weak alkali, weak salt, completely isolated from acid rain, gravel bird droppings, grease and other sustained damage;
3, beautiful and anti-scratch: carbon fibre has high temperature resistance, anti-friction, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, as well as beautiful and anti-scratch effect;
4, to protect the car paint: three-dimensional carbon fibre film, made of high-grade PVC fibers, breathable stickers, never fade, anti-vapor bubble, light weight, good toughness, resistance;
Good quality carbon fibre car film can be used for more than 5 years. It is basically equivalent to the original car paint thickness resistance; after long-term use, there will be a certain degree of gloss changes, but there will be no obvious fading.


Roll is packed with air bubble film,fumigation wooden pallet for PET film

Product Storage and Transportation 

1. Temperature: Carbon fiber film is very sensitive to changes in temperature, and should generally be stored in an environment with a temperature of about 20°C, avoiding exposure to extreme high or low temperatures.
2. Humidity: The humidity control of carbon fibre is also very important, the humidity of the storage environment should be controlled between 30% and 60%, too high or too low humidity will affect the performance of carbon fibre.
3. Light: Long-term exposure to sunlight will also have an adverse effect on the Carbon fiber film, it should be stored in a cool, dry, light-free place.

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